Friday, 3 February 2012

Ami does Experimental Arachni

Yes, Debbie is now Ami and no doubt she still brings happy endings to many towns.  Heads up, this blog reveals all in just three minutes, while Ruby needs 20 minutes to finish you of. Stop reading about “the best bang since the Big One” (see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and do join us on this very hot day in Singapore and fire up your lap-tops to hit on something interesting and possibly catch a big fish.

Who told you that Information Technology was not sexy and fun? But sit back and relax, I was just trying to pimp my blog and penetrate the blogosphere!

I definitely did not want to bore you with the current most popular search terms in Singapore since everybody already knows where to find Chrissie Chau playing beach volleyball, nobody wants anything to do with Naomi Neo even on a Friday afternoon, and floating around is just not a good idea at Chingay.

Better play the Singapore Sweep or the Singapore Toto and be a happy camper. Or read this blog and brag at your fellow geeks that you just installed the experimental version of Arachni (a powerful fire-and-forget web application security scanner) on an AMI (Amazon EC2) image in 3 minutes. Hmm, maybe I do need a break ...

Anyway, here is your week-end assignment, fresh from the Astyran press.

First of all, install the latest and greatest version of Ruby on your AMI as we already explained in an earlier post. Ruby does a lot in 20 minutes, but this installation should not take you that long.

Here are the other commands needed for installation: 

   1: sudo su -
   2: cd
   3: gem install rake-compiler
   4: yum install libxslt
   5: yum install libxslt-devel
   6: yum install libsqlite-devel
   7: git clone git://
   8: cd arachni
   9: git checkout experimental
  10: rake install

That’s it! Just fire up Arachni and hit on your favourite site (with the necessary approvals of course):

   1: cd
   2: arachni --report=xml:outfile=arachni.xml &

Note that there are a myriad of command-line options available. You even have more options than food reviews available at Makansutra!

Afterwards you can upload the report in Gremwell’s MagicTree thanks to our XSLT sheet to translate Arachni XML output into a format that MagicTree understands. 

Have fun and do not forget to like us on Facebook! See you all next week. Now I’m hungry, so go where?

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